Hey, I’m Bailey.

And I’m into creating fun ‘lil video mems!

As a early twenty-something year old, and not quite knowing exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I enrolled in a natural history filmmaking course (inspired by the great David Attenborough, obviously) and developed a taste for creating video content that teaches, inspires and entertains.


As much as I love science, nature, videos of cute animals and all those good things, people are pretty darn magical too - especially when they are snuggled up in love with their best buddy and in some good light! Hence why I began filming weddings and why would love to film yours too.

Keep scrolling for a taster of my work and some info on what I offer.

Highlight video - $1500

This is a really fun reel of all of the best + most important parts of your day, set to music.

Narrative driven story film - $2200

A more in depth, story version of your day incorporating the best audio from vows and speeches.