How would you describe your shooting style, do you pose?
I take a documentary/fine art approach. This means that the only time I'll be 'posing' (directing) you is during the photoshoot, the rest of the day I'm unobtrusively capturing moments.
I don't 'pose' my couples like puppets, that being said I also won't leave you alone and clueless. I will typically put you where the light is epic and then guide you in a direction (e.g. 'facing each other, holding hands') which will make best use of the light and look best in the scene. I'm all about creating a fun environment where you can be yourselves together and I can be there capturing that interaction.  If there is something that looks out of place or weird I'll be sure to let you know. I strive to capture natural moments and have found that this is the best way to do this. 

I've seen this video of you frolicking and pirouetting your way through a field while photographing a couple... is that for real?
100%, it is something I keep in my bag of tricks and pull out when I feel the occasion is appropriate. Spontaneous fits of interpretive dance are to be expected on the location shoot and the dance floor and are sure to make you laugh, you were warned.

Where can I see some full weddings?
As you realise I like to keep my blog posts short so that even people with small attention spans get to see my favourite work, however for those interested in seeing more of what I do at a wedding you can check out some longer blog posts here - keep in mind these aren't full length, they are made up of about a quarter the number of images that the client received.

Do you photoshop images?
No ma'am. The way that I shoot and edit naturally creates flattering images. I do not retouch, airbrush, or photoshop images. I really believe people are beautiful the way they are, and that is how I capture them - in their happiest of moments, truly themselves.

Do you offer engagement sessions?
Yes yes yes, I think they are fantastic. It's a great chance to hang out, get to know how I work, and score yourself a new profile picture ;)

Can we meet you?
You sure can, I'd love to catch up and make sure we are a good fit for each other! These meetings usually have to happen during the week in summer, otherwise weekends are up for grabs in the off season.

How do we book you in and secure the date?
I work on a first in, first served basis - whoever is first to both place the deposit and sign the wedding agreement has the date.

How many images do you tend to deliver?
I would conservatively say that I will deliver at least 600 images (depending on what kind of coverage is chosen). I'm very free with the images I deliver and I reckon the more the merrier, because who doesn't love lots of photos.

How long will it take to get our wedding images?
You will receive a selection of images within a couples weeks of your wedding date, and all of the wedding images will be ready 6-8 weeks after your wedding date.

Do you travel?
Heck yeah I do, I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand but this Kiwi can fly! Let me know where you're getting married and I'm sure we can sort out a sweet deal.

Do you have insurance & backup gear?
Big yes! All of my gear is insured, and I also carry Public Liability Insurance. My handy dandy gear bag is filled with multiple camera bodies, lenses, even a wedding emergency survival kit containing everything from an emergency sewing kit to instant stain remover, it holds everything I (or you) could ever need on your wedding day.

Do you backup your photos?
1000%, I take the security of my couples images very seriously, because I'm the guardian protecting your treasured possessions. On the night of your wedding your images will already have multiple copies including an offsite copy.

Are you going to get drunk at my wedding?
Not a chance, I don't drink, in fact I don't even drink anything with bubbles. It's always a still water for me or an orange juice if I'm feeling particularly indulgent.