Couple at Mudbrick Lavender Drifts

Mudbrick Wedding Venue - Review

As a wedding photographer who has been photographing weddings for about 6 years now, I’m breaking down Auckland Wedding venues to show you why they’re my favourites as well as sharing some of my insights as a photographer.

First up, Mudbrick Restaurant and Winery.

Getting to the Venue

Mudbrick truly transports you into another world while being conveniently located on Waiheke Island, a 40 minute ferry ride away from downtown Auckland. It has a big gravel carpark right next to its ceremony location. What I've seen couples do is organise private buses to pick up their guests from the ferry terminal and drop them off right next to where the ceremony happens. It's super accessible so you don't have to stress out about the oldies, Mudbrick makes it nice and easy. Everyone just hops straight off the bus, walks 5 metres and they are at the ceremony location, so good.

Mudbrick Pathway
Matiatia Wharf Bay - Waiheke Island

Ceremony Options

There's both indoor and outdoor options which means you don't have to worry about what the weather is doing because both options are beautiful. They're right next to each other and are situated up on top of a hill overlooking the most incredible view. You've got the rolling vineyards in the foreground, the Hauraki Gulf and Rangitoto Island in the midground and in the background you've got the Auckland city skyline - you can even see the Sky Tower. It’s without a doubt one of the best views at any Auckland wedding venue.

View of Auckland City from Mudbrick
Mudbrick rose petal confetti ceremony at sunset
Mudbrick Indoor Ceremony White Petal Confetti

Outdoor Ceremony Option

With the outdoor ceremony option, your guests will be seated facing that amazing view of the harbour that I mentioned earlier. Having a view like that as a background means you don’t have to do much work to pull off a beautiful ceremony. The background is there for you and all your guests will be enjoying it from the moment they arrive.

Wooden Ceremony Arch olive branches at Mudbrick
Minimalist outdoor ceremony at sunset at Mudbrick
Outdoor ceremony area at The Lodge at Mudbrick

Indoor Ceremony Option

If the weather isn't looking so good it's super easy for the mudbrick staff to setup your ceremony indoors - it’s right next to the outdoor ceremony spot. The indoor ceremony location is really something special. One of my favourite things about the indoor ceremony option is that it has a clear ceiling, which means that no matter what the weather, you're going to have beautiful natural light filling your ceremony location. This is really unique for an indoor ceremony option to have this and as a photographer I especially appreciate it; because usually an indoor ceremony option means dark and dingy and the skin tones are just not going to be anywhere near as great as if you’re filling a room with beautiful natural light. Having this space makes Mudbrick at great winter wedding venue.

Mudbrick indoor ceremony option
Emotional groom sees bride
Bride walked down aisle by brother
Guests in audience at indoor ceremony at mudbrick

Bridal room at Mudbrick

Bride + Groom Rooms

Mudbrick also have two beautiful rooms at The Lodge for you to get ready at, apply the finishing touches of makeup, freshen up, or whatever you need to do just before you walk down that aisle.

First Look + Photos before the Ceremony

Mudbrick have a standard ceremony time of 4:15pm. What that means is that depending on what time sunset is on your wedding day, you may want to do some of your photos with your wedding party before the ceremony. I’m a big fan of doing this because it means that after the ceremony you get to enjoy more time with your friends and family.

Onsite Photoshoot Locations

Firstly, you've got a bunch of awesome spots on site. You've got the vineyards with beautiful views of the harbour behind them. One of my favourite spots to take photos on Mudbrick is a little spot which is tucked away out the back - most of us photographers know about it because it’s just filled with beautiful manukas and kanukas which are just all gnarly and twisted, they have these incredible colours and shapes to them. This spot is always backlit which means that you’ve got beautiful golden dappled light coming through which makes for some really great photos.

Just behind The Lodge there’s a spot right up on a hill with long grass, a trig point, a field that you can access and it offers incredible views of the surrounds. It’s the perfect place to take sunset photos. You can also head up onto the deck above the reception building for a great view of the sunset too.

Vineyard photo at Mudbrick
Long grassy field at Mudbrick
Trig point at Mudbrick
Vineyward wedding photos at Mudbrick
Mudbrick view from hill
The Lodge at Mudbrick
Rainy Mudbrick wedding

Offsite Photoshoot Locations

Just down the road there’s a viewing point which offers beautiful panoramic views of the clean crystal clear Waiheke water - you can even see the ferry’s coming into the wharf. This little spot is only a 3 minute drive from Mudbrick so it’s super convenient and easy to get to.

Being the stunning island that Waiheke is, there’s obviously no shortage of beaches that you can explore. These beaches have cool rocks, textures, and just a great colour palette - which I’m a super big fan of. I love getting down and adventuring into some of these cool little bays and coves with my couples.

Wedding photos clifftop spot with view of ocean
Couple walking barefoot on private beach on Waiheke Island
Bridal party on rocks in Waiheke Island bay
Bride and groom wedding photos on rocky cove, Waiheke Island
Barefoot bride and groom at Onetangi beach
Onetangi Beach wedding Photos
Waiheke Forest Wedding Photos

Family Photos

After the ceremony, once everyone has had a chance to come up and congratulate you and everyone is now digging into the Mudbrick wine and canapes that’s often a good time for us to get into doing the family photos. Pretty much every direction that you look you've got a beautiful view, which means that no matter where the light is coming from or what the light is doing, I'll be able to choose a spot that will be able to make you guys look great and also have a beautiful backdrop behind you.

Group Photo Mudbrick
Family Photos Mudbrick


When it’s time to move down to the reception area, all your guests will go down a pathway and walk into the incredible setup.

I’ve seen Mudbrick setup so many different times in so many different ways and it always looks absolutely stunning. It’s the kind of place that you don’t have to do a whole lot to it to make it look beautiful. It’s setup with one main room where you have your guests seated, and then through some doors you’ve got the dancefloor, an area for the cake cutting & desserts, some tables to setup guests books & gift tables, and then they’ve got a bar as well. Often what happens is people move through to this area do the cake cutting first, then once the cake has been cut everyone moves onto the dancefloor and the party starts.

Long tables reception setup at Mudbrick
Cake setup at Mudbrick
Table decorations at Mudbrick
Gift table and guest book Mudbrick
Dancefloor at Mudbrick
Dancefloor at Mudbrick


The food at mudbrick is always phenomenal. I’m always excited to shoot there because I know I’m going to be eating a really good meal that night. When the food rolls out, everyone’s got a grin on their face because that food is amazing. I’ll let the photos do the talking here, I promise you they taste as good as they look.

Pork Belly Entree at Mudbrick
Pourover Mudbrick Food
Main meal Mudbrick
Wedding food at Mudbrick
Seafood at Mudbrick

More information

In terms of accomodation for yourself and your guests, Waiheke has no shortage of options on Airbnb or Book a Bach. Mudbrick also offers onsite accomodation.

Capacity: Mudbrick can seat up to 126 people with a bridal table, and also do a great job of creating a beautifully intimate atmosphere for weddings with a weddings closer to 40 or so people.

You can check out Mudbrick’s website here to learn more about their packages and pricing
Phone: +64 9 372 9050
Physical Address: 126 Church Bay Road, Oneroa, Waiheke, New Zealand

If you have any questions for me about Mudbrick or anything wedding related feel free to shoot me an email:

Or if you’re interested in having me as your wedding photographer then hit that contact button below!